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Mail Services

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Learn about our mail services

DMS 1st Class Solutions

DMS can save you money,time and the hassle of keeping up with ever-changing postal discounts and regulations. With DMS, you can eliminate the costly burden of owning barcode imaging technologies and all the requirements for sorting, labeling and bundling. We always make sure you're getting the best prices on mailing and the fastest time frame. We are more than prepared to do our job meticulously and you can get down to the business of doing yours.

Daily, once a month or less.

Whether you have a huge volume daily, just once a month or even less often, Dependable Mail Services is your first class solution to mailing and savings. We can assist you with any postal challenge you may have. DMS will save you money, time and hassle of mailing with the service that is second to none.

Daily Pickup

Enjoy the money-saving convenience of free daily pick-up and same-day delivery to metro Atlanta's USPS Mail Processing and Distribution Centers, including the Atlanta Air Mail Center.

Barcoding and Presorting

Our automated services cuts handling by more than 80%! Mail goes directly from your loading dock to our presort facility to the USPS Mail Processing Center all within a few hours. Depending on the final destination, barcoding and presorting can eliminate an extra day, sometimes even more.

DMS can scan, barcode and sort as many as 36,000 pieces in just one hour on one machine. Plus, because DMS keeps a consistently updated National Address Database, every piece of mail is checked for accuracy. Your time-sensitive invoices, statements, payments and other communications arrive at the right time, to the right place.